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Front side ofMoonStones... Thanks Steve C for the shots!

of course Bubba-licious is ruling the roost...

MoonStones... in the spring

Come  on through the front door

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Who is this guy-you may ask? This is Inukshuck! Some may remember him from the Winter Olympics. He is a figure from Inuit history. As one would travel through the wilds, the Inukshuck would be built to point the way of safe passage for the next traveler on that path.

Here at MoonStones... Inu will point the way home back to this page,with the sentiment of “Safe passage- fellow traveler”.

examples from the mine

Greetings all!!! For any of you that have been following the poorly written soap opera that is my life- Yearly pilgrimage was made to Canada- the weather was funky up there just like in the Pittsburgh area. As I had mentioned before, the objective this year was to return my Dad to his final resting place, along side my Mum and two sisters- Janet and Jill.

At times it was quite tough to be one of Dads kids- other times he was bigger than life. We held a memorial for him while up in Canada. The most moving impression on the day were the faces of those that joined us. You could see the fondness they all shared for my Dad. Many of the faces were testimony to how cherished my Dad was.

I stole a line in closing from my bro-in -law Jim... “If you weren’t familiar with Richard F. Creighton- you didn’t know Dick”

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   sunset and moonrise on                           

           Lake Superior

My Daddy-