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   Sassafras Grove- 2nd Fridays at MoonStones...

8pm- 10pm

Fantastic people, great classes, yippeeelicious story-telling and song-singing!

Meeting of the Marked 2012
Friday, OCT 26th: 1PM-10PM
Saturday, OCT 27th: 12N-10PM
Sunday, OCT 28th: 12N-7PM

M.O.M. Productions, in conjunction with Pinnacle Tattoo and Black Cat Tattoos is pleased to bring you the 20th Annual Meeting of the Marked Tattoo Arts Expo! The show will take place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at the DoubleTree Hotel Greentree.

Admission is $15 per day, Children 14 & Under are FREE!

Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. You MUST be 18 or Older to be tattooed!

24 Hour Info - 412-531-5319

Meeting of the Marked is an absolutely fabu celebration of body art, modification, and any other words you might come up with.  The flash is amazing and there is crazy cool things going on-

Samhain weekend- dress up for the holy-day or just have an excuse to allow the inner freak LOOSE!


for an evening with T’mara as we explore her vision of

the tarot.

Meeting of the Marked 2012

unfortunately has been unable to attend these past two years... Health issues and all- but hopefully we will be back with them for 2013!  Amy will definitely be roaming about on Sunday- gotta get a coolio T after all!!!

OPENING PARTY for the RELEASE of The Wide World of Tarot, a photographic tarot deck that features many Pittsburgh people and places. It was designed and created by Pittsburgh artist Patty Gallagher (who reads the tarot as T'mara). Guests at the party will include many of those who appear in the deck including the party host, Amy from Moonstones, who appears as the Queen of Cups. The reception is free and open to the public. Come and see the deck and meet some of the "cards."

MoonStones... A Metaphysical Haven

2892 West Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15216

Saturday, September 22, 6-9 pm

see the deck at