Gemini-May 21-June 20

Blue Chalcedony-Gentle, calming energy. Enhances communication- our ability to hear and be heard.

Dendritic Agate- Excellent for creative types as well as nervous types, really good for nervous creative types. If you are trying to wrap your head around Zen teachings- working with these may help.

Howlite- Excellent teacher for patience. Howlite also shows that one is good as one is- surgical enhancement rarely changes ones true spirit.

Merlinite- Bring out your inner mage.  All of us are magik, we just need to find where we hid it and let it emerge..

Pearl- Alchemy in one little bit- a seed of sand with nurturing and the right environment- turns into a lovely gem. Mother of Pearl and pearl both great for caretaking oneself.

Rainbow Calcite- Rainbows in unlikely places. It takes much to make the whole. We may be very much the individual, but it takes all of us to make “All there is”

Rutilated Quartz- Maintain connection- wether to others, a direction, a way of thinking, a behavior- or your sanity. I have long recommended using rutilated quartz when a loved one passes.

Serpentine- Turn over a new leaf, leave behind the old and embrace the new, shed your skin. We turn over skin cells at an amazing rate. Our largest organ is our skin. While we are constantly shedding the old- we still have our base, our point of reference- embrace the new and different always but approach it with experience in mind.

Lemurian Jade-Lemuria was the sister city to Atlantis, as well as its balance. From Atlantis came all of the advanced technology. Lemuria was responsible for the spiritual connect to divinity energy.

Zebra Marble- Balance of light and dark and the vast space between - where there is all and nothing. And within this great seriousness- silliness abounds!!!

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