Who Are We 

To those of you that have visited these pages in the past- you may have noticed a paring down of organizations that utilize MoonStones for their gatherings. The Library is also absent. Having undergone extensive damage at the hands (or pipes) of our old locations pluming- it too had to be re-worked. TRPI has salvaged what they can to be opened at a new location. MoonStones... will be re-opening the Library in the fall.

There are many events and gatherings upcoming- Keep an eye on the Calendar. 


MoonStones...- an entity in and of itself. With a personality of its very own- She hosts gatherings of a number of organizations.

She welcomes Sassafras Grove (the local ADF organization). They get together on the second Friday of each month from 8pm to 10pm. Their gatherings are open to the public, I can’t stress enough what a great group this is.

In September of 2010- MoonStones...found itself extremely short-handed. By November there was far more work to do with the holidays approaching than Amy or Bahloo would possibly be able to handle. Jeff made himself as available as his full time job and growing body working practice would allow.



Along came Elena!!! She has been a gift from the Gods! Rolled up her sleeves and helped to play catch up to all the work that had been neglected for a while. She has been instrumental in the smooth running of MoonStones... and the psyche of Amy. She has been able to help so many coming through the doors of MoonStones... She has gifted all who have come in contact with her to a level of compassion and knowing that had been absent from MoonStones... for a long time.  Im quite sure that she will find a place in your heart as she has in MoonStones...


MoonStones... has been graced with the presence of Linda Cartwright and Mary Tokar. These two ladies have been at the fore of the psychic community for many, many years (please understand-I am not saying they are old in that statement- simply trying to convey the level of experience we are all being gifted with!).

Many of you are familiar with Linda and Mary from various Psychic fairs, The Open Mind, and Community College (Mary has taught many a student how to read the Tarot).

I cannot possibly convey how happy MoonStones... is in being able to offer the level of excellence these three bring to you - our customers and fellow seekers.

Mary is available Tue. from 12- 4:30 and Thurs. from 1- 7.

Linda is available Fri. from 1-7 and Sun. from 11-4:30. For both- we recommend calling for appointments but walk-ins are welcome.

Sooo... Who Are We?

Bahloo is the store cat... He is referred to as being the actual owner-he simply allows me to pretend. He is known by all the kids and dogs in the surrounding neighborhoods, and loved by all. 

There have been a number of influences in what MoonStones... is now. There have been transient influences, as well as lasting connections that still remain- Good bad or indifferent- each of these influences have been blessings and teachers. They very much were the variety of spices that make up the flavor of MoonStones...

                                       To all of them- Thank You

We are a haven of Spirit-

A Quiet place to find refuge from the noise and spastic bustle of everyday life.

MoonStones... was officially established in 1997. It was borne into consciousness however in 1994. At this time- the mother of MoonStones... Amy (that would be me) hit a crossroads in life that demanded change. In the search for answers, there was recognition that many were searching.- and there was a need for a physical place- a place that could be access to information, a meeting place for like minds, and simply a place that feels good and leaves you with a sense of well-being. Hence MoonStones...

Inu shows you the way home