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And now- we have a new member to our family -                 Lily

Lily was born- (to the best of anyones knowledge) in NY city.  She appears to have had a litter which must have occurred very early in her life.  She appears to be between 18 months to two years old.  My belief is that she was part of a puppy mill where she didn’t preform up to standard (she is very small and has an extra nipple). I think she was thrown out on the streets of the city to fend for herself.

She was picked up by the Bronx pound, they contacted Abandon Angels in NY( )to see if they could take her.  Just before being euthanized- AA came through. I think she spent some time in boarding, then finally found a foster home. Apparently a few days after moving in with her foster family she collapsed. the vet said that she must have sustained a kick or large object thrown at her.  She had a ruptured disk and had to have surgery immediately. The surgery occurred August 1. Now at the end of September- she still runs kind of funny and watching her run up the stairs is a trip - but the point is- she is walking, running, climbing up steps! Having had a dream in which Lily showed up at my door, introducing herself as Lily- who is home now and needs help- I found her on  I was able to meet Abandon Angels in the Pocchinos to pick her up. She came with plenty of baggage . Think about it- if you were a tiny 20 pound dog on the streets of NYC You would be a bit cranky too. She and I got into a bit of a thing- I ended up pretty torn up, and now I had to gain her trust and she had to gain mine. We are doing well, she is acclimating and we are working through our trust issues. We are hoping to adopt her.

To update- we did adopt Lily. She has been with us for a couple years now and she has come incredibly far. She still suffers with some nerve pain in her back legs, she still has a few triggers with her PTSD, but there is joy and happiness far more often.

Inu points the way home

Hullo!!!! Well tis the season for me (Amy) to make my pilgrimage to Canada! I will be digging some Amethyst with all the same properties as those amethyst based ones that have numbers and copyrights attached to them (thus we shall not utter their name lest we get sued!). But know that ours are every bit as amazing (if not better) than those numbered ones and then some- Ours have stromatalite in some of the pieces that date the stone to very nearly 2 Billion years old.

This year also sees the return of my Dad to his native land and final resting place along the great shores of Superior. It is truly a bitter sweet trek, but one I am  honored to take. I am still trying to figure out how to make a cast of his Panama hat

to leave with him....

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