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Mary is currently taking enrollment for the next tarot class- space is limited so please call - 412-343-MOON for further details.

Candle Magik- Through history candles have played an enormous role in mankind.  Since we have harnessed fire-we have read its behavior. We mark marriage vows, honor birthdays, maintain a flame for passed loved ones, as well as those serving in the military. You will learn to select color, size, scent, timing that is appropriate to the work you are doing. You will also learn how to read the candle.

Magik and Mythical Rocks- Yep- that is right- rocks! If you take a multi vitamin you are ingesting approximately 80% of its content in rocks (actually minerals)! From pre-historic times (napping obsidian or flint for tools) to Biblical times (The breast-plate of the High Priest Aaron) to today (Crystal crunchers) rocks have held us spell bound. From the bright and flashy to the dull and lumpy- we can feel their energy and recognize their worth. Come on in and make friends with some rocks!

Palmistry We may be bringing this one back- fascinating fascinating fascinating- it is incredible what you can tell about someone through one look at their hands!

Wicca I- Learn the history and mechanics of what has become known as Wicca (“The way of the wise”) Follow its development from pre-history to today. This class is a balanced study of the God and Goddess and how they fit in days past and days future. If nothing else- this class brings you closer to the Earth and your own Spirit, it also teaches you responsibility for your own actions.

Wicca II-All the information gleaned from the Wicca I is put into practice. While you learn the fundamentals of energy work in Wicca I, you will learn much more in depth utilization of energy for healing work, circle casting, and magikal craft work.


Magickal and Holistic Herbalisim

A four day course in the various ways that herbal usage can positively affect one on all levels of being. This workshop explains the various herbal compounds and actual hands-on procedures are dealt with

Reiki Attunements

Level I and II Reiki Attunements by Reiki Master Jeff Greenwald. Call for registration, Attunements are held on Sundays. Reiki is a mode of healing that utilizes energy to heal dis-ease.

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Yippppeeeeee Skippppeeeee!!!

Mary is teaching Tarot!!!!


Details right here --->---->

Give us a yell, let us know

Space is limited

Run date set for April 16, or

April 23